Archaeology Landscape Wetterau

The Wetterau is one of the most important landscapes in Germany. Many cultures have left their traces here over the centuries. Under the trademark „Archäologie Landschaft Wetterau“ (Archaeology Landscape Wetterau), Wetterau County is developing the themes “Celts, Romans and the Middle Ages”.

There is much to discover about these in the landscape around the Glauberg.
Here are a few examples:

The Limes at Limeshain-Rommelhausen
Roman finds in the museum in Echzell
The ruins of Konradsdorf medieval monastery at Ortenberg-Selters
Finds from several centuries in the Heuson Museum in Büdingen
Prehistory and the Roman period in the Wetterau Museum Friedberg
The age of the Hohenstaufen dynasty at Münzenberg

Here you can find further information about the Archäologie Landschaft Wetterau.