Regional attractions in the environs of the World of the Celts

The World of the Celts at the Glauberg is situated in a very diversified cultural landscape in Hessen. It lies between the Wetterau in the west and the Vogelsberg in the north, some 30 km northeast of the urban centre Frankfurt/Rhine-Main. While arable farming has always been the chief characteristic of the Wetterau, it is livestock raising, iron smelting and forestry that have left their mark on the volcanic landscape of the Vogelsberg.

The countryside is characterised by romantic half-timbered villages, ancient castles and monasteries, and idyllic footpaths, as well as a well developed network of cycle paths and a great variety of restaurants and inns. This alone is reason enough to visit the area. After a visit to the World of the Celts at the Glauberg there is something exciting for every generation to discover. In particular there are many different things for families to do.

Here are a few tips:
Cycling on the volcanic cycle path (Vulkanradweg)
Adventures for children in the model railway station at Glauburg-Stockheim
A pilgrimage on the Boniface Route
Medieval atmosphere in the castle and town walls in Büdingen
Rambling along the volcanic circular path (Vulkanring)
Visiting the animal and bird zoo in Schotten
Wellness in Bad Salzhausen
Iron ore and ornamental casting in Hirzenhain
Tuneful music instruments at the museum in Ortenberg-Lißberg
The Wetterau Archaeological Society (Wetterauer Archäologische Gesellschaft / WAGG) can make arrangements for you with the numerous organisers.