Experience history. It’s great at the Glauberg.

Relics of human settlement from all epochs since the late Stone Age some 7,000 years ago are to be found here. In international academic circles the Glauberg has a reputation as a unique archaeological archive – and it certainly has not yet given up all of its secrets. The 30 hectares of the Archaeological Park at the World of the Celts at the Glauberg will keep archaeologists busy for generations to come.

On the archaeological/nature trail on the Glauberg you can stroll through history: from the Celtic system of banks and ditches, and the reconstruction of the burial mound with what is known as the “processional way” from the 5th century BC, to the remains of the 12th/13th century imperial castle (Reichsburg) on the plateau of the Glauberg, which is mentioned in historical documents.

Plans for extensions within the Archaeological Park are already well under way. Our visitors will always be able to discover new attractions: from reconstructions and installations about the varied archaeological relics, some of which are still buried, telescope-like views of the past, an innovative information system and a World of the Celts garden.

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